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Støtter film i Midt-Norge

Investeringsfond for film og spill

Find the locations, contacts and service you need to shoot your film in our region.

Mid Nordic filmContact


Please get in touch with us for more information about our region, financing opportunities or the professional filmindustry working here.


<h4>Kjersti Greger</h4>
<p>Film coordinator/commissioner<br />
Kjøpmannsgata 35, PB 964, 7410 Trondheim, Norway<br />
<a href=""></a> / +47 95488121<br />

Kjersti GregerNorway: midtnorsk filmsenter

<h4>Eva Aspling</h4>
<p>Project manager<br />
Krondikesvägen 93, 831 83 Östersund, Sweden<br />
<a href=""></a> / <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br />

Eva AsplingSweden: filmpool jämtland

<h4>Måns Berthas</h4>
<p>Film coordinator/commissioner<br />
<a href=""></a> / +46 706865248<br />

Måns BerthasSweden: västernorrland

The film comission

Mid Nordic Film is a network- and filmcommision-based cooperation initiated by three regions in Sweden and Norway; Midtnorsk Filmsenter (Trondheim, Norway), Filmpool Jämtland (Östersund, Sweden) and Film i Västernorrland (Sundsvall, Sweden). Mid Nordic Film is an approved member of Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) and Europeaen Film Commission Network (EUFCN).

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