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About Filminvest


Filminvest AS was established in 2016 as a merger between Filminvest Midt-Norge and Film3, with the aim of providing opportunities for production of feature films, TV series and games in the Trøndelag, Oppland and Hedmark counties. Right from the start the film fund has participated in developing and producing a number of projects with strong ties to the region. Filminvest is a member of Filmreg and Cine-Regio.


Filminvest is a regional film fund that supports and invests in development and production of feature films, television drama and games. The projects must be associated with the region.

Filminvest AS receives approximately € 600 000 annually from the state government. This funding is allocated as non-recoupable grants to audiovisual productions with significant regional spending. International co-productions with a Norwegian minority producer are eligible to apply for funding.

Filminvest AS also have an investment fund of approximately € 2,5 million. The fund provides top financing, with a maximum investment per project of € 200 000. Foreign producers must have a Norwegian co-producer in order to be eligible for investments from Filminvest. The fund usually requests to recoup at 1st position, and the project must have a regional spend of minimum 160%.

Soft money and investments from the regional fund can be combined with co-production support or the cash rebate/incentive scheme from the Norwegian Film Institute, but not both. The incentive scheme requires a minimum spend of NOK 2 million in Norway, with a cash rebate of up to 25%.

How to apply

Foreign producers must have a co-production agreement with a Norwegian producer to be eligible for support and investments. Applications must be submitted by the Norwegian co-producer. The Norwegian production company must have audiovisual production as its main purpose. The fund offers various support and funding for audiovisual production an applicants are processed continuously. In the case of investments, the fund gives priority to commercially oriented projects with potential of a high audience turnout and economic returns. Applications must include a project description, budget and finance plan. Applications for investments also require a final manuscript, an overview of regional spending, of the number of days on location in the region and of the use of regional film workers and staff.


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