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Trøndersk co-produsert film til BerlinalenAktueltTrøndersk co-produsert film til Berlinalen

Trøndersk co-produsert
film til Berlinalen

Publisert 19. januar 2018

Spillefilmen Retablo ble støttet av Sørfond i 2016, og er en co-produksjon mellom Peru, Tyskland og Norge med produsent Dag Hoel fra Trondheim. Filmen er nå klar for filmfestivalen i Berlin!

Dag Hoel uttaler selv i internasjonal pressemelding:

– It is very satisfying, and not surprising that Retablo is chosen to participate in the Generation competition during the Berlinale. Alvaro Delgado’s directorial debut is a seductive film. It is shot in the Peruvian highlands among the natives. The film is a drama that portrays the picturesque sides of native culture, but also a darker side of the society like machismo and homophobia that are central themes in the story. I am convinced that Retablo will have a large audience throughout the world, but most probably the film can never be screened in the area in which it was shot because of its way of tackling these issues and trying to break down taboos.

About Retablo
14-year old Segundo lives with his parents in a village high in the magnificent mountains of Peru. His father Noé is a respected artist and Segundo’s role model. Noé hand-crafts altarpieces, decorated shrines for church and home, and is teaching Segundo the necessary skills to carry on in his footsteps. But cracks have developed in their close relationship because Noé is keeping a dark secret. Read more about Retablo and Álvaro Delgado-Aparicio L HERE



Sørfond is an international co-production fund administered by the Norwegian Film Institute in co-operation with the Films from the South Foundation with funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture. Sørfond supports film productions whose main producer is based in countries on the current OECD DAC- list. The main objective is to stimulate the production of films in developing countries where such production is limited by political or economic reasons. The grant shall contribute to strengthen film as a cultural expression, to promote diversity and artistic integrity on the international film scene, and to strengthen freedom of expression.

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